Income Planning

The investment world is obsessed with the accumulation of money. For years that was all that was necessary. The low interest rate environment of the last 5 years has dramatically changed that calculus.

Imagine having accumulated $1,000,000 to invest. You’re looking for the safest, lowest risk investment you can find. You have Social Security income jointly of $35,000/year. You currently have a household income of $110,000/year.

Current bank CD rates are 2%/year, which generates $20,000/year. Ten years ago that rate may have been 6% generating $60,000/year.

You have annual income or $55,000 versus $95,000 10 years ago. That’s a whopping 40% reduction in income! Did the cost of living decrease over the last 10 years? Absolutely not!

There are guaranteed solutions designed to provide you the income you need without the risk of Wall Street. Let’s talk. It’s later than you think!

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