What’s your Adventure in Retirement?

What’s your adventure in retirement? Assuming you retire at age 65 or 66, ask yourself, “How many years do I have left in this world?” How many of those years are good, healthy years? If you live to age 85 or 90, that leaves you with 20 to 25 years, if you’re lucky. As someone once told me, “this isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is your life.

Adventure in RetirementOur generation of Baby Boomers isn’t content to sit on a porch or watch soap operas on TV. We embrace life and want to enjoy experiences and adventures, perhaps doing more of a hobby or doing something we always longed to do but didn’t have the time. Do you want to travel, live in a different place, start a new job or career? Retirement allows you to have that new adventure. The time to explore is in your pre-­‐retirement years of your late 50’s and early 60’s.

Do you want to live in the same area you’re in now? Do you need to downsize? What concerns do you have about climate, health, or finances?

You can have an adventure in retirement. Many people are considering retirement overseas. Would this work for you? You would have a different culture, and probably a different language. It’s been said that learning another language can ward off Alzheimers disease. Certainly a new country and culture would be quite an adventure! Approach retirement as your final life adventure and embrace the new you!