Should you retire overseas?

Should you retire overseas?

This is rapidly becoming the hot topic in retirement planning circles. Why the sudden interest? It’s not so sudden after all. Social Security sends over 5,000,000 checks each month to overseas retirees. Some are back home, most are expats (expatriates) living out their lives on foreign soil.

What has precipitated what appears to be a growing trend? Leverage. Many folks were devastated by the 2008 stock market correction. Faced with limited funds , folks sought out lower cost areas in the world to retire.

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An excellent source is International Living magazine which covers world‐wide destinations and gives a complete analysis of the weather, cost of living, government and all other aspects of overseas living. They even sponsor tours to introduce you to specific countries, with the good and the bad being addressed for attendees. Of course, better weather and a less intrusive government have also encouraged people to look at other places to retire than the USA.  Another source to consider is Pathfinder International.

Leverage: Better weather-­‐ lower cost of living-­‐less intrusive government a new culture-­‐ a new language to learn these are the appeals of overseas retirement. An adventure indeed!